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The next collaboration trade group will be offered in December.
Updated: July 18, 2016

To participate you can message me on my Facebook page or you may email me at,

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to have a well prepped and beautifuly painted model horse in exchange for 1 traded model horse. Any any model horse artist can participate. Here is how my painting collaboration trade works.

I will fully prep and paint with earth pigments, any one model horse you send in exchange for one traded model horse that is on my trade list below. This is for the body color and mane and tail color only. This does not include painting a model base that comes with your horse. The finished model horse that will be sent back to you will have no flaws and beautiful color. After you receive your model horse back, you can paint the markings and final detailing. I only ask that if you sell the model horse that you note that the model horse is a collaboration between you and I.

You may send any model horse or resin you would like to have painted and returned to you and you may send as many horses as you like. For example, if you send 6 model horses, 3 will be painted and returned to you and the other 3 will be the trade horses that I can keep and paint.

Traditional or classic scale only please unless other arangements are made. The same size horse must also be traded. For example if you would like Breyer Roxy painted and returned to you, your trade horse must be an adult traditional scale horse.

I also ask that since the trade value is small, that shipping is paid by you both ways. When your model horse(s) are finished I will carefully pack them and then weigh the box to get an accurate shipping quote. Shipping can be paid though Paypal.

All horses received will be tagged and added on my website commission schedule page the same day they arrive. The status of your horses will be kept updated on that web page. CLICK HERE to visit my commission schedule page. The horses will be painted near the order that they are received.

You may request a certain color on any horse being painted and returned to you. The pigment colors I'll be painting include all solid colors, dappled colors, duns, dilutes, and a few dapple greys. Please note that a horse that has a lot of dapples takes much longer to paint. If you would like a horse that has a lot of dapples in the color, I would like two horses traded to be fair for the extra day or two that it may take to paint.

OPTIONAL: You may also request to trade horses for prepping only. You can receive perfect prepped horses back to you that are ready to paint. Any prepped horses will be send back to you wrapped carefully and then placed in a custom sewn fabic pouch to keep them clean.

All prepped horses will have the breyer or peter stone logo removed, mold lines removed and the mold perfected. Each horse prepped will have smooth flawless prepping. White Krylon primer is used.

For the body color, I use Testors Dullcote to seal the pigment layers.

Recent Feedback:

From Jana, May 20th: "Thank you, Kimberley!! I just got my Huck and he is absolutely perfect and gorgeous! You painted him a lovely chestnut shade with a beautifully mixed flaxen mane and tail. Flaxen chestnut is my favorite color and I couldn't have asked for a better representation of it! Thank you again and I can't express my gratitude enough for you offering to do the trade commissions!"

From Jen, June 1st: "I wanted to let you know that the horses made it today and they are wonderful! I esspecially love the Idocus! And the silver bay is richer in person than the pics even. Nice job on both!! Thank you so much!"

Breyer & Peter Stone Model Horse Trade List:
(Mold Names)
The traded horses do not have to be mint condition but no breaks please unless its just ears.

American Saddlebred
Andalusian Mare or Foal
Babyflo (Wyatt)
Bluegrass Bandit
Brown Sunshine (Mule)
Cleveland Bay with loose mane
Giselle (Valentine)
Gillen (Heartbreaker foal)
Huckleberry Bey
Fell Pony (Emma)
Idocus (Warmblood Stallion)
Lonesome Glory
Lady Phase (long mane, long tail)
National Show Horse
Picasso (Desatado)
Show Jumper (Ideal)
Smarty Jones
Susecion & LeFire
Thoroughbred Mare (standing with ears back)
PS ISH (long mane, long tail)
PS Palouse
PS Thoroughbred
PS Weanling

Classic Scale Model Horse Want List:
Haflinger Mare
Man O War