My commission book is currently: Open
One commission slot is available for July. No stablemate scale commissions at this time.

This page was updated on: 4-6-2016

About the Artist, Kimberley Smith

I have been a professional artist for over 20 years and I love painting model horses. I paint model horses with mainly earth pigments and I am able to match any horse color very closely. I specialize in painting Appaloosa and Paint Horse patterns and I love painting challenging detailed patterns. With the help of reference photos I am able to paint a certain Paint Horse or Appaloosa pattern on a model horse very closely. I am also able to combine different reference photo ideas. All of my current painted horses have fine hair detail when possble.

My painted horses are top live show quality model horses. Each horse I paint has a beutiful smooth body color, detailed mane and tail when possible, and very detailed markings. My painted horses have been doing very well in the model horse show ring.

I am accepting commissions on a limited basis. If you would like to reserve a spot, please email me at

Setting Up A Commission

When I paint a model horse a good reference photo or photos is important. I have many photos that I can email you after you provide a description of the color you are wanting for your model horse, or I can work from a photo that you send. A good reference photo or photos are helpful so I can paint as close to the color horse you have in mind for your model horse. I am able to closely match any horse color and I can combine various details from mutiple photos to create a beautiful model horse for you. If for example you love a certain Paint Horse or Appaloosa pattern but would rather it be bay or grulla, I can certainly use another photo for the base color for your model horse. I used multiple reference photos for example for the jumper below.

Commission Pricing:

Commission prices are based upon the estimated time it takes to complete the horse color. All Appaloosa, Paint Horse patterns are custom quoted after a quality reference photo is chosen for a project. Prepping is included in all commission quotes. Commission prices do not include shipping.

Solid Colored Horses (with minimal to no markings):
Bay, Chestnut, Black, Palomino, Grulla, Dun, Perlino....

Large Traditional Scale:

Traditional Scale:

Classic Scale, Small Traditional, or Traditional Scale Foal:

Stablemate Scale:

Paint Horse / Pinto Patterns:
$200 to $375 for minimal white overo, light sabino or other simple marked painted horses.

$275 to $450 for any tobiano pattern or simple to moderatly detailed overo pattern (no roaning)

All other paint horse patterns that have a lot of detail or has roaning will be custom quoted.

Appaloosa patterns: Custom quoted after a good reference photo is chosen.

Appaloosa and Paint Horse Reference Photo Index:
Over the past 5+ years I have been photographing Appaloosa and Paint horses at horse shows for reference. I have over 65 different Appaloosa horses organized and have indexed and over 80 different paint horses. Below are the PDF photo indexes I've created with my photography. Although you are welcome to send me reference photos for your comission horse you may also choose a pattern from any of the photo indexes below. If you find a Appaloosa or Paint Horse pattern that you love, I just need to know what number the horse is and which index it is in (Appaloosa, Overo/Sabino Paint Horse or Tobiano/Tovero Paint Horse). Keep in mind the base color of any horse can be any color you wish, and marking ideas can be combined or changed (multiple chosen photos). I will have the second Paint Horse photo PDF index soon.


Full Roans: Custom quoted after a good reference photo is chosen.

Extreamly detailed Paint Horse or Appaloosa patterns:
$500.00 to $950.00
This includes any very detailed horse with fine hair detail or an intricate pattern. The horse pictured below was a $600 commission horse. All commissions are completed as fast as possible but I never rush detail. I take pride in painting very high detailed and realitic Paint Horse and Appaloosa patterns. If you would love to have a beautiful model horse that is sure to turn heads in a model horse show ring, ask me about a commission spot.

Trades: I do take trades occasionally.

Sometimes I can't resist a good trade for my paintwork. I take full trades or partial trades from time to time so please don't hesitate to ask. Currently I am interested in popular unpainted stock horse, Mustang or Arabian resins. My big wishlist resins are: Nitro, Brio Sombra, Rose Reiner, Ranch Mare, Umbra, Superlumina, or Superlumina (1st version). I am not interested in painted show quality horses. Only horses I can repaint. I will accept a reasonalble trade value on any traded horses. The trade value can go towards or meet my commission price for your painted model horse.

Shipping with a trade agreement. Since a box must be sent my way with the trade model horse(s). I will cover the shipping cost of your finished painted model horse back to you. This includes overseas model horse trades. I will insure all U.S mailed boxes.