My commission book is currently: Open
One commission slot is available for May/June. No stablemate scale commissions at this time.

This page was updated on: 3-8-2016

Reserving A Commission Spot

To reserve a commission spot a $75.00 non-refundable deposit is due within 15 days from the date you receive a commission quote. Your commission will be scheduled after your deposit is received. The $75.00 deposit will go towards the quoted commission price of the model horse or other plastic or resin animal.

To stay updated on scheduled commission horses, please visit the Commission Schedule page. As each commission is painted, sneak peek photos will be posted occasionally.

All painting commission quotes include shipping, insurance and delivery conformation unless you are overseas.

Payment For Your Commission

For model horse comissions that will take less than a month to complete.
Full payment is due after your model horse commission is completed unless an a time payment agreement is made before your comission was started.

For model horse comissions that may take a month or more to complete.
A time payment aggreement during the time your horse is being painted is preffered. It has worked very well for me in the past. After your comission has been started, a payment is made each month to go towards paying for your model horse commission. The minimum payment must be $100.00 per month. After your horse is completed, the balance is due unless an a time payment agreement is made before your comission was started.

Payments can be made by Check, Postal Money order or Paypal. A check or money order is preferred and greatly appreciated.

Please send check or money order (preferred) payments to:

Kimberley Smith
3307 34th St SW
Lehigh Acres, FL 33976

A check or money order is preferred and greatly appreciated.

My Paypal ID is

If you have ANY questions about your commission you may call or text me at (239) 898-3927 or can email me. And if you have texting, I would be happy to text you progress photos of your model horse. I love texting progress photos. It's the easiest way for me. If I can text you photos, just let me know.

Time Payments

I accept time payments with an agreement before a commission project is started. A $75.00 deposit must be sent to reserve your commission spot. Time payments begin when the painting of your model horse is started. Payments must be at least $75.00 per month but payments are not to exceed 9 months for the model horse to be paid off. The first payment is due within 15 days of start of your model horse unless your deposit was recently received. Further payments are due each month. If any time you are unable to make a payment, you may request a 30 day time payment extension but only once unless a time payment agreement change is made.I'm easy to work with so please let me know if there is any delay with your time payment.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As your model horse is painted, good quality photos will be emailed to you or posted on my website so that I can make sure you are happy with your horse's color and detail. If you are not satisfied, let me know what minor modifications I need to make before your model horse is shipped. I will not accept doing major changes to a model that was not discussed before the commission was started.

Your model horse is guaranteed not to have obvious defects, such as an obvious scratch, rub or worse when received. The inspection period is 10 days after receiving the model horse. I will repair any minor damage shipping has caused at no charge if shipping is paid for both ways. All model horses are packed carefully with plenty of bubble wrap and padding. Any extensive damage due to shipping must be taken up with the shipper. I will assit in an insurance claim if I'm needed. ALL shipped packages are insured for the full value of the model horse.I also include delivery conformation on all packages. I can not be held responsible for model after it has been given to USPS or other shipping carrier.

If you are not satisfied with the horse color, amount of roaning, or other, I will modify the horse once, if I think it's possible to change, at an additional cost. If you are still not satisfied with your horse, you may use the professional photos I take of the finished horse to sell your model or I can give you a studio credit good towards another commission to start at the next available commission spot.

FREE Minor Restorations: At ANY time, if your model horse get a any minor rub such as a hoof, muzzle or ear tip rub, your horse will be repaired FREE. You must cover shipping and insurance both ways. Any rubs or damage beyond minor can be custom quoted. I will only accept restoration projects on horses that I have painted.

Reference Photos

All painted model horses are subject to the artist's interpretation and each piece is considered a unique piece of art that will not be duplicated on the same plastic model horse or resin. Unless I am commissioned to do a portrait of someone's horse, all painted horses will differ a little bit from the reference photo(s) used. Please keep in mind that multiple photos can be used to create one horse color idea such as, a red dun horse photo + these markings from this photo.., etc.

*** Only real horse reference photos can be used. I will not use any reference photos of a model horse. ***

Copying Work: I will not copy work from other artists. I will only use real horse reference photos unless you would like me to create similar piece to what I have created in the past; however, each new horse or other animal may differ due to my changing abilities and techniques. It is also very hard to create two horses that look exactly the same, especially if it is a Paint Horse or Appaloosa.

If you have a good idea on what color horse you would like for your model horse, I can happily do a search for you on my personal horse photo library and email you large photos of different horses. Over the past 5 years I have built up a very large horse photo library that is over 90 GB in size. I have photos of many different horse breeds and wide variety of horse color including Paint Horse and Appaloosa Color. I also have a large library of Paint Horse Journal magazines and a wide variety of other sources that we can search for just the right color for your model horse.

You may also send a reference photo(s) to me to use for your model horse. Please note: If you are wanting a paint horse or Appaloosa painted, a large photo is always better than a small photo. Small photos usually hide a lot of detail.

Shipped Models To My Studio

When sending any plastic model or resin to my studio to be painted, I highly recommend that you insure the box. I am not responsible for lost boxes or damage from shipping. Photographs of the model(s) before and after unpacking will be taken when a model(s) is received. The owner of the model will be notified within 24 hours of the arrival of their model(s).

Pre-prepped horses: If your model is already prepped (including smooth primer finish), I will credit you $50.00 towards your commission quote as long as no additional prepping is needed. A grey primered horse will have to be re-primered. I work with white primered models only. If your primered horse only needs smoothing in preparation for painting, I will credit you $25.00 towards your commission.

Non-Payment Policy

First and foremost, I have a family to take care. Because I am painting horses full time, I must treat this as a business. I hope I will NEVER have to use my non-payment policy. It is my wish that everyone who has a commission spot is very happy from the start of their horse to receiving their painted model. If there is very good reason why a payment hasn't been received, I probably will bend the rules a bit, but I do not wish to be taken advantage of. Payments that are expected are very important to my family.

For commissions without a time payment agreement: At least half of the balance due is expected within 15 days of completing your commission project. If that cannot be made, right away due to an unexpected difficulty, please contact me as soon as possible so we can work out a solution. If the commission model is not paid for within 90 days, and no payment arrangement was made within that time after a model has been completed, and I have the right to sell the model horse and your deposit is non-refundable for non-payment.

Non-Payment With Time Payment Agreement: If I have given you a time payment agreement before your commission was started, you must try to pay off your horse within the amount of time you agreed upon. If any time you are unable to make a payment, you may request a 30 day time payment extension but only once unless a time payment agreement change is made. A minimum of $75.00 per month must be made. If you have made payments previously and I have not received a payment in over 30 days, beyond the 1 time 30 day extension, I reserve the right to sell the painted model due to non-payment.

REFUNDS: If the model horse or resin is owned by me, Kimberley Smith and you cannot fullfill your time payment agreement, I will list he model horse on eBay. If the model horse sells for the commission ammount agreed upon or more, I will refund the money you have sent me within 3 days of the model horse being paid for. ***

If the non-paid for painted model is one of your resin or plastic model(s) that you have sent me, you will receive a 6 month credit of the current estimated value of the unpainted model in the condition it arrived. If you choose to use the commission credit, full payment of the new commission is due in full before the model horse project begins. ** A painted model may be sold if the model was not paid for in the time frame agreed upon when the commission was started. Some exceptions may be made in special circumstances.

I have NO desire to use my non payment policy and hope I never have to. I am easy to work with and will make every effort help you get your painted model horse. It is my hope that all of my commissions will end with happy customers. This non-payment policy was written so that I can support my family well and keep painting beautiful horses. *** If I have received more than one model to be painted, any unpainted model(s) will be returned to the owner. I photograph all incoming horses that belong to someone else. The value of the unpainted resin or plastic horse(s) will be determined by the average amount a similar horse or resin sells for on eBay or model horse sales pages at the time the model is considered forfeited.

Other Odds And Ends

I do not strip a model horse or other model animal unless it is one of my own projects. If an unpainted model horse has a broken leg or other broken area, and I have all of the pieces needed to do the repair, I can email you a custom quote to repair the model.