Below are are all of the current custom pigment colors available. I also offer sample amounts of the some of the regular earth pigment colors. Custom Pigment colors are $1.50 each and regular pigment colors are $1.25 each. You will receive approximately 4-5 grams of of pigment for each color ordered. The pigments are put into plastic paint pots and labeled. If you need to order more of a certain color you can mark X2 or X3, next to the pigment color you need. After your order is filled I will email you your total with shipping. Payment can be made by check, money order, or Paypal.

My email address is:

To order pigments you can:

1. Email me with with a list of colors that you need. I also need your name and mailing address.


2. Download and save my Earth Pigment Ordering Microsoft Word file. This makes ordering a list of colors easier. You can edit the file, save it, and then email it back to me. If you are not able to save the file, please email me and I can send it to you.
Earth Pigment Ordering (Microsoft Word)


3. If you are able to print and scan pages, you can open my Earth Pigment Ordering page PDF file to make your order easier.

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Availeble Custom Mixed Pigment Colors
Updated: 4/30/2016

Availeble Regular Pigment Colors

Black Iron Oxide

Titanium White

Colonial Burnt Sienna

Environox Dark Brown

Dark Neutral Brown

Burnt Umber

Italian Umber

Burnt Sienna

Cyprus Umber Warm

Roman Black

Colonial Raw Sienna

Natural Umber

Cyprus Umber Dark

Natural Sienna

Colonial Burnt Sienna

Rose Earth

Brown Ocher

Terra Cotta

Havana Ocher

Light Yellow Ocher