Created By: Kimberley Smith

This page will be updated as new horse color recipes are created. To view each PDF Horse Color Recipe, click on the model horse recipe photo.

The following horse color recipe pages were created for model horse loving artists so that anyone can achieve beautiful horse color more easily and quickly by following an easy recipe. Many of the recipes use custom pigment colors. The custom pigment colors helps paint a model horse with less layers and gives the artist a wider variety of horse colors to paint.

The full Custom Pigment Color Recipe List is available below. It also includes images of each custom pigment color. This PDF will be updated as horse color recipes are created.

The Pigment Recipe Color List has been updated: 6-21-2016

If you use this recipe list, only use Earth Pigments from The Earth Pigments Company to achieve the same custom pigment colors. (

If you are just starting out painting model horses or if you have been painting model horses for years, I welcome you here and hope you find my horse color recipes useful. If you have any questions, please email me at

Primer Note: I used Krylon white primer on my model horses. This is a nice dull white primer. A brighter white primer may cause the final outcome of a horse color recipe to look different in color. If you use a brighter white primer, I recommend that you put 1 or 2 layers of Pewter Grey or Custom 31 pigment to dull the white a little before you begin.

Horse Color Recipe Notes:
Base Color - Means to color the horse solidly. No shading
Shading - Shade as noted or as desired
Matte spray between layers unless otherwise noted.

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Horse Color Recipes
Click on any of the thumbnail photos to view the PDF file pigment recipe.

Black Mane and Tail Tip:
Mix Americana Black with Americana Light Cinnamon to create a soft black.

Pearl Ex Earth Pigment Horse Color Recipes
The following horse color recipes contain custom earth pigment mixes with Pearl Ex pigment in them.
To make the custom pigment colors needed, use the Earth Pigment Color Recipe List.

Archived Horse Color Recipes
The horse color recipes below have been archived because they contain pigment
colors that has been discontinued by the Earth Pigments company.
In each horse color recipe I have made the text red for the discontinued pigments.