Updated: 3-8-2016

Horse Head Pendant 1

Sculpted by Kimberley Smith

*** This resin is limited to one mold. The resin production is currently ON HOLD.
All resins are numbered. ***

Resin casted by KSmith Equine Creations

This beautiful horse head with her wind blown mane is perfect as necklace pendant or for those who love customizing model horses, you can use her to remake a model horse. This horse head is very detailed with an cute expression. The mane was sculpted with enough thickness to be very durable but also very detailed and realistic. A small eye screw and O-ring is included on the top of the mane. Imagine being able to wear a beautiful painted horse or perhaps a painted portrait of your favorite horse. The head is about 2 inches from the poll to upper lip.

Paypal Payment Options
All packages mailed within the U.S. include tracking

1 Thunder Resin - U.S. Shipping
$35.00 PPD

1 Thunder Resin - International Shipping
$45.00 PPD

Custom Sead Bead Necklace:
I also be creating custom beaded necklaces to go with the horse head resins. A necklace is $20.00 with the purchase of a horse head resin pendant. I have a large assortment of seed bead colors. If you are interested in a custom necklace please email me at ksmithequinecreations@gmail.com - Please let me know the colors you like and if you would like an 18" or 20" necklace.

Resin Quality and Shipping: This resin is being casted by Kimberley Smith (KSmith Equine Creations) The resins are very high quality and need minimal prepping. I use Smooth-On resin casting products. Very clean resin casts. All resins are inspected carefully before they are shipped.

All resins are shipped in the order they were paid in full. Because I am able to resin cast the horses, there will be very little wait time before orders are shipped out. I will be resin casting daily or as needed. All resins are inspected closely before shipping them out.

Other Payment Options:
If you prefer to pay using a check or money order , please email me at ksmithequinecreations@gmail.com