Updated: 3-8-2015

"Runaround Sue"
Traditional Scale Resin
Playful Quarter Horse Mare

Limited to One Mold - Apx. 65-75 resins

*** Resin casted by Resins By Randy ***

Runaround Sue is a tack friendly playful stock horse type mare. She measures from nose to tail tip about 13" and she is 7" tall at the withers. She is hollow casted with reinforced wires by Resins By Randy.

Runaround Sue is $175 PPD within the U.S.

To Purchase Runaround Sue, please email Kimberley at ksmithequinecreations@gmail.com.
Please email me for availabilty.

Runaround Sue resins will be shipped from Resins By Randy in the order they were paid for in full. If you have any questions, please email me.

*** International Buyers:*** PLEASE email me to receive a shipping quote before purchasing.

Photos of Runaround Sue
These photos are of the first perfected resin from the waste mold.
She is very smooth and her details are very pretty. My camera wasn't
too good at picking up the fine detail she has. She has skin wrinkles,
whisker bumps, nice muscle detail, beautiful mane and tail detail, teeth,
and light veining,

To view photos of a finished painted Runaround Sue resin, please CLICK HERE.