Horses Name: Reveal My Heart

Resin Name: Stock Horse (Change of Hart) by Sheryl Leisure

Scale: Traditional Scale

Color & Breed: Brown Dun Overo Paint Horse

Show Record: NW EXPO Corvallis, Oregon 4/20/13, 2nd in the CM/AR paint class

Ownership Status: Victoria Wade, (Oregon)

Reveal My Heart is a very special live show quality model horse. Not only is his smooth markings very detailed with fine hair detail along the thin mapped edges, he also has 53 hidden hearts within this overo pattern. His hooves and eyes are also very detailed. The last two photos below show where his hidden hearts are.

Reveal My Heart is one of three horses with the hidden hearts overo pattern but each pattern is (or will be) very different. The first horse, Hide My Heart, was completed in March of 2010. I have always loved how she turned out so this year I've decided to create two more versions... one to sell and one to keep. A future third version will be completed sometime this year. That horse will be named Conceal My Heart.

If you would like to see photos of Hide My Heart, the horse I painted in 2010, Click Here

*** Outdoor Photos ***

Here are the hidden hearts...