KSmith Equine Creations

Studio Videos For Model Horse Artists
by Equine Artist, Kimberley Smith

Prepping The Model Horse

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Please Note: My phone video camera is not captureing the color of the earth pigments accurately.

Resin Prepping: Mold Lines and Flaws
Video Length: 2 min, 28 sec

This resin is one of the more easy resins to prep. Most of the mold lines were already taken care of. In this video, I looked over the resin carefully to fix any missed mold lines and resin flaws.

Materials/Tools Used:
400 grade sandpaper
Liquitex Modeling Paste

Final Prepping
Video Length: 1 min, 58 sec

The model horse in this video was prepped with Krylon white primer. The primer has sat overnight to fully cure. The model horse is ready for final prepping. This final prepping method is for any scale model horse.

Using firm pressure, rub the sandpaper over every part of the model horse until it shines like glass. The shine is the ultimate goal so the model horse is as smooth as possible for pigment painting. The smoother the horse, the less trouble you'll have when painting with pigments.

Note: The string on the tail is used when I spray and hang my horses to dry. For me, it's the easiest way to get a nice even coat of matte spray or primer without touching the horse.

Materials/Tools Used:
1000 grade sandpaper